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Having experienced different levels of marketing, we are regrouped as convinced creative people. We contribute to democratize the access to Web marketing and quality services at the right price without any additional, unnecessary and expensive services. We are not bound to any product or solution provider and WE act in partnership with numerous interdisciplinary and extremely effective professionals. Dealing with US, is to let you get a clear picture of the contract as we are committed to meet your needs, with a high level of service that is setting US appart from the other agencies.

Let us strive to serve you in order to make you stand out and grab the market place you deserve.

Web Development

Lawrence Communications offers a full range of web development services. Our designers, programmers and enthusiastic editors are always on the lookout for new products and latest tendencies. Featuring an extensive knowledge, our team is bound by a common goal: to reach your expectations!

Brand development and identity

Bringing a brand as effective as compelling, as is the link between your business and your clients, cannot be left to chance. It takes a good understanding of your corporate culture in order to identify the most relevant elements to create your logo to make its way to the clients mind. Nothing is more important to establish an effective strategy, and we will gladly meet with you to understand your corporate culture. And then, create your image to make your business stand out!.

Marketing Strategy and basic SEO

Like any serious business, you need to invest in marketing. In order to avoid unnecessary costs in research, please contact us. We offer all the services you need: consulting services, marketing strategies, event organization, or other creative advertising. Be perceived as a company that really stands out.

Writing, editing and translation

You know your field, your product and / or services and you are proud of it, but do you really know how to communicate and target your customers in order to maximize your impact and generate sales? Let us help you out to turn your content to profits.


The agency

Each completed project makes us very proud of our work.
As a result we keep learning and improving!

Our presence

To help you out to conquer targeted markets and improve your image by creating websites and bold and effective promotional tools.

Our approach

With values ​​such as professional integrity, respect, commitment and above all, human approach, we stand by the quality of our services.

Our guarantee

The service must be impeccable, regardless your budget and scope of the project, in accordance with established timelines. We manage each project as if it were our own.



We believe our most recent work speaks for itself.


Satisfied Clients

BICEPS B.B.Q. - Vincent Chatigny, Chef & Owner

Lawrence Communications was our best choice, after unsuccessful attempts in order to find the agency that would definitely put us on tracks, with an effective branding solution. Many designers were too “politically correct” and addicted to their software without any understanding of our needs, as we wanted a logo inspiring an aggressive impact, disturbing and representing our values and personality. The logo had to be a strong symbol that would stand out from the competition. After professional and friendly discussions, and then the presentation of the first drafts, I must say it was totally it! We are absolutely excited with the final result. We won’t hesitate to carry on our business relationship with them.

L'Association RNF - Marie-Claude Drouin, Lawyer, LL.M., MBA, General Secretary

Being increasingly recognized, our association definitely needed to upgrade its web presence. Consequently, we were looking for an agency that could help us achieve this higher level and thus allow better visibility of our organization. Then Lawrence Communications came along, referred by a colleague. From the first contact, I knew I was dealing with an agency whose members are passionate and competent. They accompanied me in every step of the project, and were always opened. Their ability to listen have demonstrated their high availability. I obviously put between their hands the administration of our website www.associationrnf.org and their effectiveness in the execution of my requests is always appreciated. No doubt I will do business with them for a long time and I will be reassured by giving them my other marketing projects.

Semper Paratus - Michel Grandmont, Prevention, Security and Survival Consultant

As part of the realization of my website, LAWRENCE COMMUNICATIONS gave me a service far beyond my expectations. It was my first experience in this field and I have enjoyed the friendly approach and transparency they have shown at each levels. I felt supported and consulted in each of the phases of implementation. It is with confidence I have also given them the administration of my site, and the level of service has never changed. Thank you so much, guys!

Le Laboratoire d'expérimentation archéologique (LÉA) – Maryse Cloutier-Gelinas, Director

Having previously used the services of LAWRENCE for the implementation and administration of our website, we have been completely satisfied with the quality of the service, and also their human approach as well. It was all natural for me to ask LAWRENCE COMMUNICATIONS to create the logo of our lab. It was not an easy task. Yet the result is perfect. The service was excellent, their listening and understanding of our needs were really surprising. I will never hesitate to refer them, regardless the type of project.

Les Primitifs, École de survie et d’éveil à la nature – Mathieu Hebert, Co-Founder, Instructor

Referred by a good friend, I decided to do business with LAWRENCE COMMUNICATIONS and did not hesitate to entrust them with the mandate to update our logo, a project they conducted masterfully! I hope our relationship will last long, because having an ad agency who understands us and supports us along the way, is very important these days.


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